Microwave Steam Sterilizer

682 Bébé D'or Microwave Sterilizer helps you to sterilize the bottle and its parts in a fast and easy way.

The Bébé D'or Microwave Steam Sterilizer is a huge time saver for today's busy parents. It sterilizes in only few minutes in a microwave, a lot faster than boiling bottles. They use less water and energy, and are more convenient than using a pot of boiling water. By using these you can sterilize either 6 standard neck or 6 wide neck bottles at once.

Care and Using

Cleaning and Sterilising:
•Before sterilising, wash bottles and accessories thoroughly in warm soapy water to ensure all milk residue are removed. •Squeeze the teat to ensure any residual milk has been removed.
•Put 200ml of water into the sterilizer (you may use one of the bottles to mesure the water )
•Put into their place the bottles and parts and sterilize the bottles according to the following chart




•With too little water and you can end up damaging the sterilizer. With too much water and you fail to properly sterilize.
•Allow 2 minutes cool down time prior to unlocking the lid otherwise, you may be greeted with hot steam on your face and you may have second degree burn or worse.
•The items will remain sterile for 24 hours provided the lid is not open
•The point of the sterilizer is to allow hot steam to circulate around. Therefore, incorrect positioning may result in unproper sterilization process. Safety tested - Complies to EN 14350.