Gel Breast Pad with Aloe Vera

Place breast pad inside the bra with adhesive strip facing towards the bra. Once in place, remove adhesive strip backing and press bra against breast pad to secure. Change pads as needed. It is recommended to change the pad after every breastfeeding.


  • Super Absorbent Gel

  • Cloth-like Cover with Aloe Vera Extracts

  • Bigger Adhesive Area

  • Product Flexibility

  • Skin-Colored Backsheet

  • Individually Wrapped



  • Providing greater milk absorption capacity and dryness

  • Using the benefits of Aloe Vera (healing, antiseptic, bactericide and skin regenerator) preventively

  • Improving the fixation to the Bra

  • Perfectly adjusts to the breast

  • Improving the pad’s discretion

  • Preserving the pad in ideal conditions



  • Security and Confidence

  • Skin Care

  • Security

  • Discretion and Comfort

  • Discretion

  • Hygiene