Breast Pads

660 Bébédor Super Breast Pads are specially designed for wearing longer periods of time.

Bébédor Super Breast Pads with its ergonomic shape, very soft material and super soft thin edges is perfectly adapted to your breast.

•Ultra soft: Lined with ultra soft “Non-woven” cotton wool.
•Ultra absorbent: Padded with high quality cellulose wadding.
•Ultra leakproof: Impermeable breathable external polyethylene layer prevents milk from leaking outside.
•Invisible: Thanks too the very thin and soft edges it is not totally invisible when worn under the bra.

  • Bisphenol A

Care and Using

For hygienic feeding: When breastfeeding your baby, care must be taken to avoid infection. Even a simple irritation of the breast might make it necessary to instantly interrupt feeding and cause sanitary problems to the mother. The breasts must be scrupulously cleaned before and after each feed with liquid antiseptic. It is in fact important for the nipples to be kept dry. Humidity together with friction may be a possible cause of inflamation. The use of breast pads is a further precaution to protect the nipple from constant milkrise reducing the risk of irritation. Pads should be changed after every feeding or whenever necessary to assure absolute hygiene. Mothers having latch difficulties inverted or sore nipples can used Bébédor breast shield for a comfontable feeding.