Breast Milk Storage Bag

679 Ideal to store and freeze breast milk

Important Information:
Bébédor disposable breast milk storage bags are pre-sterilized so please do not wash before usage.
The bag is Bisphenol A free. Please read the pack instructions before use. 

  • Bisphenol A

Care and Using

Directions for Use:
• Wash your hands and express the milk.
• Before filling the milk storage bag, please write the time / date / name-amount on the bag. • Open bag and pour the freshly expressed breast milk into the bag.
• Before sealing squeeze out as much air as possible and store the milk according the given instructions.
• For feeding thaw the milk according to the given instructions and pour milk into the bottle.
• For storage, place Bébédor milk storage bag in the fridge or deep-freeze.
• For storage options check the chart on the box.
• For best results, keep the bag upright until the milk has frozen.
• It is useful to put bag in a separate hard sided container to protect any knocks against bag.
• As liquids expand when frozen we recommend not filling more than 7oz/200ml.
• Never thaw breast milk in microwave oven or boiling water.
• Breast milk should always be defrosted in fridge overnight.
• However, if milk is needed sooner defrost by placing bag in warm (not hot) water.
• Only warm milk after milk has thawed / defrosted.
• If the breast milk has separated, shake the bag gently.
• When ready to use open the seal and pour into a sterilized feeding bottle.